Sporting Life 10k? Bring it on…

10k? Bring it on...

May 11th 2014

Bring on the pain and embarrassment is what I should say because I have the lung capacity of a flea and I run like a penguin. In my mind I think I’m looking pretty good but in reality I run badly. I get shin splints, I gasp for breath, my arms flail around me like a funky chicken and I swear I see my life flashing before my eyes – probably due to a lack of oxygen reaching my brain. At the 1k mark I usually leave a lung somewhere behind me on the path.

I want to run and not just to the sale rack at Holt’s.

I needed a goal hence the 10k Sporting Life run happening on May 11 2014. I figure if I can’t do 1k then 5k or 10k would have the same level of work involved.

I registered and paid my 50 bucks and if I could reach my own ass I’d kick myself. I have just over two months to train! The only silver lining in my sad tale is that my BFF is also doing the run so I will have someone there to call 911 for me.

This is all part of my master plan however to get in better shape. More on this to come.



Sofia Vergara I’m not….

I recently found myself at a bridal boutique North of Toronto with my daughter for a dress fitting – she’s a junior bridesmaid at 10 (ugh and going on 20).  Anyway whilst I was cooling my heels waiting fosofia-vergara-300x400r the bride to show up I got lost in this  forest of gowns; dupioni silks, ruffles, feathers and glitter. Racks and racks of the gaudiest collections I’ve ever seen – it was awesome! What girl doesn’t dream of playing dress up.

Here was my chance and  I certainly wasn’t about to pass on the opportunity.   Soon the change room (well more of a closet really) became home to an array of creations from mini dresses to ball gowns.

I went in thinking of Sofia Vergara. I came out looking like Dame Edna. images-1

Eventually I had  3 salespeople gathered around me tucking, folding and propping my ‘parts’ into various configurations. Then catching a glimpse of the  seamstress heading my way – I had to put an end to the debacle. I mumbled something about having to make an important call and escaped back into the  closet to change.

Note to self:  ‘self  the next time you see silk, feathers and glitter – look away!’